Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coming soon... TC Boyle comes to the pages of Our Stories...


Our Stories: On the matter of his process: Because he writes alot and he writes quickly, I'd like to know how many drafts a novel goes through? Does he let anyone see his first draft? Does he map out his novel and then shade in the details afterwards? (This last one I'd really like to know.)

TC Boyle: There is one draft to all stories and novels, but that draft is worked and reworked daily. When I reach The End it is time for one long fine-tuning and then press SEND. Each of the works is organic, developing structurally day by day. This is the only way I've ever worked. (It may derive from my undergrad days when I would compose very late papers in a single draft because of a great and pressing need.)

Keep checking the site and let us know what you think when we go live.

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