Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Beginning of my Internship

A wet seat, that’s what greeted me as I sat to wait and meet my “boss” a.k.a. Alexis Santi, the man who started this whole thing and who I happened to discover by chance. Actually, my mom discovered him in the glossy publication that my now alma mater, then current school, publishes and distributes amongst their most coveted donors-parents of students.

My mom had called me, excited with the thought that I could still find meaningful experience in a field connected to my degree only a few short months shy of graduation. Needless to say, I applied for the summer internship and was sure I wouldn’t get it, having missed the deadline by two short days. Instead, I got an e-mail requesting an interview and eventually found myself where I am now, a fiction intern at Our Stories.

So began my research, research into how to expand this somewhat small, online magazine, into the world of printed publications without breaking the bank. With the help of Google and the stumbling past many websites that wanted to take authors for all they’re worth, I finally found something. Actually, a bunch of somethings, that were good enough to send to the “boss” to review.

Having never met me, Alexis thought it would be a good idea to finally get together and go over my findings, and that’s when I found myself in a wet seat, outside of a small, excellent place to indulge in carrot cake with crunchy walnuts and thick cream cheese icing: College Town Bagels. Upon planting my butt in the green plastic chair outside, I jumped right back up, like I had just sat on a hot stove, instantly thinking, this is just great. My ass is all wet and I just got here. It’s like getting a wine stain on your white dress after being at a cocktail party for all of two minutes; it sucks and you think that is all people notice about you. Fortunately for me, I only had to stand long enough to order and then venture over to a dry seat with Alexis.

Our first official meeting, that’s what this was. Within minutes, Alexis began pouring out ideas, asking for my opinion, and joking about everything from the internet world of networking to his theories on poetry. I came into the meeting thinking we were just going to chat and go over my findings and left with a list of things to do.

I didn’t just leave with a list, I left with an array of tasks and things, among them, a dry butt. Alexis and I had been talking for so long that what was once wet, now was dry. We had been talking long enough for me to realize that I could really help this small magazine grow into something strong enough to withstand the obstacles that often cause up and coming publications to become defeated in less than five years. We had been talking long enough for me to fully understand the potential and impact a magazine of this unique nature can have on writers and readers. We had been talking long enough for me to realize that a wet butt was the least of my troubles; I needed to get working.

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