Thursday, February 5, 2009

Congratulations to Robin Underdahl

Robin Underdahl was a writer mentioned in the essay Alexis wrote for our Summer '08 issue, "Not By Birth Alone." Here's what Alexis said:

"There were many writers who did not win this submission period but I want to mention some of them here because they taught me things about the craft and I believe their dedication to the craft is worth mentioning here: Richard Fellinger, Sharon Goldner, Jim Ryals, D. Byron Patterson, Justin Goff, David Malkus, Robin Underdahl, Lisa Ebert, Yuvi Zalkow and I could go on and on but there's not enough room. If I could wish one thing for all of them—for all of you—it would be to work on another draft. Do not shy away from your writing, go back into your stories and fight with them. Do not file them away in a drawer somewhere—work on them."

Well, Robin did work on the story we wanted but ended up having to let slip by. In a recent email, here's what she wrote:

Hi Justin,

[...]. I really appreciate your repeated readings.

I owe you another thank you for your comments on my previous submission, "Visitation." I kept revising it, and finally it has been accepted by Short Story. So thanks!

Robin [Underdahl]

Congratulations! And that's part of the mission, why Alexis envisioned Our Stories in the first place: it's about supporting writers because we know how valuable it is to have someone who reads, really carefully and thoughtfully reads, your writing.

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