Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Role of Literary Journals (pt.1)

So I sat in on a very lively discussion of the role of literary journals.

A lot of what was discussed we have already answered at Our Stories.

-we believe in providing real substantive conversations with our writers.

-we provide feedback from staff members that have either earned an MFA or are working towards their degree.

-we believe in being human.

-we want the best quality stories on our site.

-we want the pages Our Stories to look professional and the author to feel proud of.

I very nervously pitched our model of publishing and the panel quickly moved on. Wow, do I feel like the ugly duckling.

The panel quickly moved on to talk about Kindle and how it'll save publishing.

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justin nicholes said...

Good work representing OS.

Wish I could'a had your back, heard Dybek (who we should interview) and Bausch.