Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Five Star Literary Review

Dear all,

Some great news here. Jo Page's story has been reviewed by the folks over at Five Star Literary Stories. TJ Forrester runs the site which in their words:

Five Star Literary Stories combines three integral facets of the writing life: publisher, story, and reviewer. Here's how the site works. I invite the editor of an online magazine to nominate a short story or flash fiction from his/her archives. The editor writes a blurb about his/her mag and a blurb about the nominated story. I provide the reviewer.

I selected Page's story to represent OS this quarter and am seriously impressed by the review by Donald Capone did of her story. He had this to say:
This story will stick with its readers for a long time. It will for me; I still wish she had kicked him where it counts and made a run for it, though.
I do too Don, I do too. Bravo Jo, you're turning heads. Here's a link to the review, check it out!

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