Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Inspiration, Courtesy of WC Vasquez

A few weeks ago, I shamelessly solicited inspiration from Our Stories readers in exchange for a free copy of Musical Chairs. You know, I did this because I feel a sort of separation anxiety, after six years of my life going into one project, it can be an intimidating prospect to begin again.

Our Stories readers came through. In fact, I might try to work this in to our blog more often because personally, I needed a quick shot of inspiration. I think all writers do at some point. There is a certain cathartic experience we all share as storytellers.

I'd say the following quote pretty much sums it up, and better, it makes me want to write. Writing is a tough profession, but, as Vasquez states, we do it for a reason. After countless hours of our time: typing away or poring over notebooks, exchanging critiques, revising and reworking, cutting an pasting and worrying over word choice, structure, and voice all comes together just right, there's nothing like it.

So... Why Do You Write?

The right words at the right time with the right audience: bliss.

-WC Vasquez

This quote struck me because it's short, sweet, to the point.

About the Writer:

WC Vasquez first noticed that her words had an affect on people when she was seven years old: after listening to her confession, her priest paused for a few seconds before saying: "Wow. You express yourself really well. You should think about a career in public speaking." Several thousand Hail Marys later, she has begun speaking to a wider audience. Her work has appeared in Writer, Writer's Digest, and The Sun. She lives in Berkeley, California where she is writing a collection of short fiction.

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