Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Stories ~ Book Giveaway

The moment every author dreams of, works toward and gives up on time and time again only to return to, dream of once again and work toward all the harder has arrived for me. Musical Chairs is now available. No take-backs. And, now that my five long years of work is contained, with its own cover and ISBN, I am thrilled. In the spirit of Our Stories, the journal that gives back, I'd like to give a copy away.

So, I'm soliciting inspiration. I want to know why you write. For those readers who are interested, please email me at Jen@ourstories.us with a single sentence that illustrates why you stick with it, why you feel compelled to put pen to paper, to share your words with the world.

That's one sentence, expressing your love for writing. It seems easy, right? Well, it's not. Go ahead and try it.

I will be collecting submissions until October 20th, 2009.

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