Sunday, November 8, 2009

Makes it all worthwhile

Not often I jump in on the blog, but I have to give a shout-out to writer Dani Raschel Jiménez who completed a workshop with me in May.

Here I sat in my desk chair, still adrenaline-high from my own reading at KGB (it went great, thanks audience, I was even surprised by my current Deluxe workshop student showing up, delightful!) and into my inbox pops the notification that the new issue of Fickle Muses is up, featuring "Reasonably Unforseeable"--a story by none other than our own Dani Raschel Jiménez! "Reasonably Unforseeable" was a really twisty, very magic-realism, practically slipstream story that Dani worked hard. And hard work, as they say, pays off: she made it happen. Read "Reasonably Unforseeable" at! Congratulations Dani--it's fantastic, and all of us at Our Stories are proud of you.

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