Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Into the Morloch Hole

Always intrigued about that place where pop culture and literature intersect, some of us at OS took time out from our onerous and heady reading load (we were deep into HG Wells’s The Time Machine) to tune in to the premier episode of the new sitcom set in Brooklyn piloted by lit-world fixture Jonathan Ames, Bored to Death. We ourselves were in fact bored by the proliferation of trite one-liners and bizarre scatological humor, which didn’t quite resonate with us for some reason, and decided to retire to our electronic armchair. Here Ames’s oevre in text could be found. Being the old fashioned sort, we were much more illuminated by the material in his new book, The Double Life is Twice as Good. Perhaps it’s even thrice as good.

Something that caught our eye

We thought this was a pretty cool article in The Believer, partly because it follows a kind of journalistic impetus while at the same time breaking most every rule we ever learned in grad school about form, function and flow. How one (aka Rich Cohen) might get from a cultural history of the Model T to a day on the used car lot with his hard-sell dad in the mid 70s, well all we could say was Snoopy couldn't have done it better flying through the sky his Red Baron uniform. Vroom.