Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Writing Tools

This is a random post, just asking, because I got a new laptop for Christmas and instead of being furiously productive in my own work, as I'd hoped, I have found myself spending literally hours "acclimating" to the whole process of writing on a laptop (yea, I was a desktop dinosaur before).... but here's the really odd thing: despite my complete idiocy in using this sexy little technobeast (I keep hitting the touchpad with some random invisible part of my palm and moving the cursor while typing, or creating fascinating events by accidentally hitting two or three keys together) I have found that any new writing I am doing (and granted there is a lot less of it thanks to tutorials my friend the laptop wants me to take and so forth) -- anyway, any new writing I am doing is fresh, vibrant, in a word, hot. What's that about? Is it possible that simply changing writing tools makes your writing fresh? why are we writers such creatures of habit if that is the case? Comments, anyone?


Jennifer Ruden said...

I find that even a seemingly insignificant gesture can affect my writing: a new office,even a new word processing program, sleep, Prozac (jk). I tend to edit a paragraph in long-hand, yes that antiquated notion involving a (whatsitcalled) pencil, yes pencil, and paper will sometimes lead me somewhere new (albeit not always a better place). I prefer writing on desktops though; I am a dinosaur!

Vasilios said...
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