Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good Things

One of the few times I felt enthusiastic and enthralled in my undergraduate career was in my design courses and one marketing class that entailed an actual hands-on creation of an entire marketing campaign. However, I've always wanted to work at a fashion magazine and that's the direction I wanted to build my path towards. (Currently watching "The Devil Wears Prada.") Honestly, I had no idea how I was going to get a job in the journalism/design world with my BS in BA. Not only was I lost and jobless, I graduated and moved away from my beloved home in Texas to Arizona. Initially, I was in complete and utter bummer status, but I was tired of being moapy. A childhood friend of mine from Arizona was very kind and considerate and told me about her internship experience at Our Stories. I think part of me still hopes things will just fall out of the sky for me, but I know that's not how the world works all the time. Never let a good thing pass by. I emailed the editor and asked if there were still internship positions open.

Little did I know, good things are sometimes seriously mind-blowingly awesome. Mr. Santi gave me a timeline and outline of what I was expected to do for the internship, which I found very helpful and informative. The guy knows what he's doing. I was a little rusty with InDesign since time, graduation, traveling, moving, and having fun got in the way since the last time I took a design class in college. I started working on creating the template, playing with fonts, getting a feel for what Our Stories was really about. I wanted to be able to convey character through text, colors, spacing, and everything else that is a component of the whole. I still have a lot of learning to do (like going to graduate school to get schooled), but I was so glad to be able to work with the things I enjoy doing. I won't lie, some of it is kind of tedious, especially when a tenth of an inch in margin width determines whether it is smooth-sailing or hurricane from here on out. Some problems are unexpected, but that's life. Plus, you never get where you want to go or learn something without running into obstacles and knocking them over. Creating the cover pages is the favorite aspect I get to work on. Our Stories features such cool , unique, and individualistic photographers. Their work is featured inside and one image is chosen for the cover. I love how a simple cover can be artwork on its own. Yay for aestheticism!

My experience at Our Stories has given me so much. I learned a lot by overcoming obstacles, even if they were miniscule and not too difficult, but it's learning anyway. I wanted to give it my best effort because I enjoy doing this kind of stuff, but also because I knew AES cares so much about Our Stories too. It definitely shows when someone is passionate about the things they do. For me, it was an honor to work with such cool people! It makes me want to put in all I've got as well, even if I do come short sometimes. It just means boundaries are waiting to be pushed even further and greater heights will be reached. So, I must say a sincere "Thank You" to Our Stories, for giving me the chance to get on the path to where I want to go.

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Alexis E Santi said...

Jessica, you're an amazing asset to the OS team. You rock. You roll. You're designing some awesome print copies of Our Stories. Now if I could just get you to stop calling me Mr. Santi...