Thursday, September 9, 2010

Introducing Cara Hoffman - So Much Pretty

A few years ago I published this writer, tough badass writer by the name of Cara Hoffman. Her writing made me really, well, excited. As a publisher when you find something really incredibly written and with crazy talent you feel like you've discovered something, like you've been looking and looking for something to make sense of the world and shit and then there it is--staring back at you. Cara did that. Being an editor of a journal like this that happens a lot. I remember it very clearly with Cara and publishing her was a damn honor--as it is for every one of you all out there. We first published her story "Waking" in the Spring of 2007. Read it. If you don't I'm telling.

I knew she was someone who would knock a novel or two out of the park.

Well, it's happened.

Cara Hoffman's novel "So Much Pretty" is coming out in March of this year from Simon and Schuster. You should pre-order it because when it sells like a gagillion copies you're going to want to say that I told you about it and you listened. Really. I'm good like that. Then you can say, "I've got a first edition Cara Hoffman! Nanny Nanny Boo Boo." Really, I'm going to do a post about just that too, me making fun of everyone who didn't listen. I kid. I won't. Maybe I will, who knows.

Anyway, so here's Cara's big introduction to our Blog. Oh yeah, you think that's it? Nope. I'm bringing her onto the blog. What's good for the grander is good for the scooby dooer. Or something. Cara will be popping in our blog and posting stuff, guest blogging as they say. We're also going to be interviewing her. Our Stories is behind her work and we stand with her, she's a bad ass, like I said so it's easy standing behind her--but we're standing with her so if you take swings at her--you're taking swings at us. I digress, no one is swinging. I do that, read my essay Concrete if you're not catching my drift. Let me just get out of here.

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