Saturday, September 25, 2010


After more than three years of working together here at Our Stories, Alexis and I just met for the first time--on Skype. I've read his stories, his novel, his essays, and we've had numerous email exchanges about all things related to writing, but it was cool to finally talk live.

Since we're a literary journal, here's a quick character analysis using the good old modes of conveying character (i.e., DATED). If A. E. Santí were a character, here are some notes the writer who conceived of him might've jotted down ...

Description: the kind of guy your grandmother might be cautious of at first glimpse but who, if you sat down with him, would be able to relate to anyone. Dominant impression: relaxed, comfortable, esp. with rock star-ish hair fingered back from his face.

Action: thoughtful hand on the temple when asked what he's writing; gentle commands to the pitbull-lab that paced along the room.

Thoughts: (I got a mind map of A.E.'s ideas for the future of OS, so I can go with that.) Ambitious, gets (rightfully) high off future potential. Nothing but good will (except when boxing invisible N@#$%^#% Magazine opponents).

Exposition: um, doesn't apply

Dialogue: cooperative hedging, humble, quick to praise talents of others. Thoughtful.


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