Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Congratulations to Shaun Corley!

Shaun Corley holds a Bachelors and Masters in English from Radford University, and is a semester away from completing a degree in Library Science at the University of Tennessee. Some of his influences include Paul Auster, Raymond Carver, Richard Linklater and Jonathan Lethem.

Recently, Shaun's story "The World" was picked up for publication in the July 2011 issue of CC&D magazine. His success doesn't surprise Alexis E Santi, who workshopped this story. Here's what Alexis has to say about working with Shaun:

"Shaun worked to get this story from a short story with jagged and rough edges into a piece of art.  I was thoroughly impressed with the level of commitment he made towards ensuring that this in particular--of the three stories we worked on together--so that this story sang beautifully.  His range of writing is remarkable, he can move from the pop/hilarity of college life to the seriousness of growing up in a strict religious community.  That is damn good sign for a writer who is serious about their craft. Over the course of nine weeks we worked on three stories and I saw a total of nine different versions of those stories.  I would not be at all surprised to see his other two short stories picked up very shortly.  It was a damn pleasure working with him and I hope we can get together for some laughs soon."

And here's a short interview we had with Shaun regarding working with OS ...

Q:  At Our Stories, we consider anyone we've ever workshopped a member of Our writing community, and when a writer later succeeds with that piece, well, we'd like to think of that as an indicator that we're doing something right. What did working with OS do for you and your work?

A: Working with Our Stories, and Alexis in particular, helped me appreciate the value of revision. Prior to the workshop, revision for me was just opening the document, making some modifications and going with that. Now I know it's so much more. The workshop also pointed out what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing wrong.

Q: What's next for you and your writing?

A: I've submitted two pieces to various markets, one of which was involved in the workshop, the other a piece I wrote a few years ago and revised based on what I learned in the workshop. From there...who knows? :)

Thanks for being part of our writing community!

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