Monday, December 6, 2010

Win a free review with Our Stories

Dear OS community!

We need your stories and we want to review them for free!

Our Stories is renowned for the breadth of our contest and workshop reviews. Our reviews are page-by-page, MFA quality, diagrammed reviews where we give feedback on the entire manuscript. We know that our reviews are worth it, however, conveying our process has not always been clear to those who had not taken the leap of faith with us before.

We'd like to change that.

We are in the process of recording video tutorials of our staff members editing manuscripts and need your support to make this happen.

Here's where you come in: we would like to offer you a free critique. We would give you the same quality of review that we offer for all of our contests and workshops but record that review using video screen capture software of us working through the manuscript in real time. We would post the video on our website, blog and YouTube.

Your critique will include:
-- "Opening Thoughts" section where we give you feedback about how the story opens and the immediate impact that your story has on the reader.
-- Line edits that give you feedback on grammar, awkward phraseology, word order, etc.
-- Page-by-page comments regarding your dialogue, plot, logical flaws, and overall story development.
-- "Closing Thoughts" section where we give you overall thoughts on the story and a brief plan for revision.

To protect your story & identity:

-- We will black out the title and your name from the story.
-- We will cut out three to four pages of the story in the final video cut so that the story cannot be read in its entirety.
-- Your story will not be presented in any publishable format so you will be able to use these revisions for another draft and sent it out to for consideration at other journals.
--We will provide you the edited final draft of your story for free, in a Word and PDF version.

If you are interested in this mutually beneficial process we would like to hear from you.

Send the Editor in Chief of Our Stories, Alexis E Santi an email at and let us know you're interested. Stories should be under 5000 words and not be novel excerpts.

We'd like to do 7-10 video tutorials by the end of February.

Thank you.

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