Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alexis E Santí "It Only Takes One Mistake" ~ Our Stories

In our recent Winter 2011 issue (Our Stories), Alexis E. Santí gives advice and insight into the often capricious nature of editors as a whole in "It Only Takes One Mistake."

Though it's true that most editors are just too overwhelmed with (and sometimes underwhelmed by) the sheer amount of submissions that come to any given literary journal inbox, a lot of writers sometimes make mistakes early on, mistakes that often can be cleared up with either spelling checks or careful revision. Usually, it seems a manuscript just needs to be set aside for a while, or maybe a friend needs to take a look at it for a writer, before it ever should reach an editor.

Still, Alexis reinforces the goal at Our Stories, which is to read and give feedback on every single submission we receive.

Check it out.

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