Friday, March 4, 2011

Recommended Reading: Stephen Ansolabehere and James M. Snyder, Jr. "Weak Tea" ~ Boston Review

"The penchant for endorsing candidates in Republican-leaning areas almost completely explains the Tea Party's success rate."

Stephen Ansolabehere and James M. Snyder, Jr.'s "Weak Tea" appeared recently in Boston Review and discusses whether the Tea Party in fact has provided candidates it has backed an advantage in recent general elections.

"To isolate the Tea Party effect, we compared the performance of Tea Party-endorsed Republicans with non-endorsed Republicans running in similar districts. That effect is a statistically insignificant three-tenths of one percent."

Ansolabehere and Snyder, Jr., go on to consider whether Tea Party backing provided candidates with more money, but also the numbers seem to minimize the TP's clout.

"This is not the picture of a political faction awash in cash funneled from wealthy individuals and corporate interests, as was commonly portrayed in media accounts."

Check out this brief, insightful, and informative article in the Boston Review.

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