Friday, March 18, 2011

Social Media and OS

You have noticed some small changes on the OS website. We now have buttons on every page for:


For a long time I've been admitingly ignorant on their use and the notion of tweeting up a storm scared me. Facebook was one thing but twitter? Blogger?

This weekend in NY changed that because I had to admit to Simon & Schuster that I didn't know what our Twitter handle was. Everything worked out but for the first time I felt like I got it.

So now, on every page you can follow us on twitter, find out about our updates and I've linked everything to blogger and my cell phone.

I'm actually posting this from iPhone with the BlogPress app, which sinks all three neat, right?

We have a Facebook "fan page" now as well because we just surpassed 5k of friends on our normal page. I hope you'll like us because it is nice to be liked. We like you, a lot.

Chose whatever way you'd like to get your OS news. We'll get it to you.


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Roy Campanella said...

Where's the FB button here?! I wanna "LIKE" it!