Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Stories Published Author Althea Black

Last fall, while reading entries for our 2010 Generation XYZ Contest, I found a coming-of-age piece that began:

Moonstruck was playing at the Janus and everywhere you went, people were falling in love. Even the trees were wooing each other, pulling pink blossoms out of their branches like billets-doux. I was in love myself.

It was called “The Boathouse” by Althea Black, and the writing was solid, sophisticated, and lighthearted in the right places, despite the serious subject matter. It was just the sort of story we look to publish, and publish it we did, as a runner-up for the contest.

Althea has a freshly-published story published over at called “The Far Side of Moon.” I was delighted to find that, like “The Boathouse,” it is also set in Boston, and combines Althea’s signature mix of poignancy and humor: While the protagonist attempts to woo a lovely girl he meets while doing community service in a nursing home, his brilliant sidekick Ace brings a glow to the classic boy-meets-girl scenario with his many fancies such as his “thesis proposal to rewrite the Bible in the anapestic tetrameter of Dr. Seuss.” Go check it out.

Want more? Althea has links on her website of more of her stories published online and her short story collection, I Knew You’d Be Lovely will be available June 7.

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