Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jason Sanford's "Never Never Stories"

We don’t publish genre stories at Our Stories but that doesn’t mean we don’t read them.

Interested in something a little off the run-of-the-mill-literary-path? Go check out Jason Sanford’s “The Blue Room” at Daily Science Fiction. It begins:

The plains rolled out before Aiesha, all buffalo grass and forever sky drowning to the dusk's easy light. Aiesha sat on the weather-worn porch of her grandpa's farm house, flipping page after page of her history textbook--unread, the words blurring to elsewhere. Away! they whispered. Go! they sighed.

Jason Sanford has a new story collection of science fiction available as an ebook and we think you should check it out too.

Never Never Stories includes works which have won the Interzone Readers' Poll, been nominated for the BSFA Award, longlisted for the British Fantasy Award, and printed in numerous magazines and book anthologies including Year's Best SF.

Who is this Jason Sanford, anyway?

Well, he co-founded storySouth and if you are a writer from the South or write about the South, do yourself a favor and head over there asap! Jason also runs the magazine’s Million Writer’s Award, which annually awards 10 stories that have only been published online. Prize money for writers who publish in online literary magazines legitimizes all of us out here writing and publishing in the ether. This is one of the many reasons we love and admire Jason and think you should support him in all of his endeavors. Not to mention the fact that he writes a slammin' sci-fi story.

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Alexis E. Santi said...

Wonderful post K and I can't recommend Jason's work enough. He's witty, smart and articulate.