Friday, June 3, 2011

Siem Riep - June 3rd

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If you consider that we spent the first couple of days traveling in an airplane to get here, technically this is day three of our trip.

We woke up in the morning and ate some brunch and hit the town. Our first experiences in the town were overwhelming. Dozens of motorcycles and took-tooks motorized rickshaws called to us.

We walked in the heat, Americans obviously, Westerners for sure it was if we were the only people without a bike or a moto or a car and it was hot. The humidity furious and the smell of exhaust everywhere. But the smiles, the smiles of the people were infectious and genuine. I loved watching Leslie smile through the city. Finally able to interact with people she had long since been thinking of.

As we walked around the city some more it was obvious we had no idea where to go. We eventually were talked into a took-took ride to tour the city.

The queen's garden entrance.

After our trip around the city we were beat. We rested in our room and found refuge from the heat in our room. The staff is very nice, generally kind and talkative. Not to generalize but a hugely different vibe than when Leslie and I lived in Korea. Leslie and I had a lot of great talks and tried to really take it easy. We both are a bit warn from the trip and didn't want to push it.

We hit lunch at a local restaurant with a wonderful set menu. Guess what, plenty of veggie options.

We stopped for a coffee on the way back. A man with dreads laid on a couch reading a book. He later identified himself as the owner of the restaurant. Figures.

Took-took in effect.

This guy delivered a huge bag of ice to the restaurant out of the back of a truck. He loaded a large mesh bag with the ice from a gigantic cooler. Rad.

The entire day I kept wondering about the world that I was interfacing with. Here I am, this American with a camera, sneaking pictures and what am I showing the world? I hope you see something of what I saw today. It was quite beautiful and lovely.

Though a bit messy at times.

Till tomorrow.

Location:Samdech Tep Vong,Siem Reap,Cambodia

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