Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recommended Reading: Heather Fowler "Making Love to the Fruit Shooter" ~ The Summerset Review

"We went through a bushel of apples some days. Before he nocked the first arrow in his bow, I pulled my hair back and fastened it low on my neck, my part centered clean-split down the middle like the apple would be."

Heather Fowler's sexy, poetic story "Making Love to the Fruit Shooter" appears in The Summerset Review and gives the point of view of a girl whose boyfriend, Claus, shoots fruit off women's heads for a living.

The story moves forward with conflicts concerning Claus's accident (on his TV show, he impales a huge-breasted girl's head with an arrow) and the law firm the narrator works for, as well as the narrator taking up the hobby of watching Claus's show, where she sees his interaction with other fruit-bearing girls.

An excellent read.


Ash Dogs, a novel

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