Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jo Scott-Coe "Domestic Order Suite" ~ turnrow

"Domestic Order Suite" appears in turnrow and is a work of art.

Part 1 of the story features the story's wonderfully appropriate second person point of view, in which the narrator accosts herself for failing to "come forward" after witnessing a girl being assaulted in a school parking lot.

The story goes on in Part 2 to detail, with moving metaphors, the life of a teacher in a run down school. The tone is again spot on.

Part 3 employs a brilliant method to convey the narrator's ennui and anxious melancholy while also stimulating a number of questions about standardized teaching.

My kind of story; definitely worth the read, and the re-read.

Check this fabulous work out at turnrow.


Ash Dogs, a novel

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