Sunday, December 11, 2011

Peter D. Kramer "Permutations" ~ The Summerset Review

Peter D. Kramer's story "Permutations" appears in The Summerset Review and gives of the story of a mentally ill guy who's trying to get better. He visits Vassar to dwell on a life he might've had before dropping out, and to find a date.

Both the narrator (who introduces himself as Alex) and his girlfriend, Libby, have mental issues--chiefly depression, it seems, and OCD. Alex goes with Amanda, a woman he met at Vassar, for brunch, where he applies his shrink's advice for successful social interaction. Here, he articulates insight about his illness: "My trouble started there, in my insistence that the best fiction comes from stolen vignettes.Also obsession-laden descriptions of he and Amanda having sex masterfully convey character.

The story reads as vivid character analysis as well as meaningful social commentary.

Check it out. 


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