Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sascha Feinstein "Children of Paradise"

Appearing in Hunger Mountain, Sascha Feinstein's work of creative nonfiction "Children of Paradise" details a childhood viewing of the Marcel Carné-directed movie Children of Paradise. Boredom soon overcomes the writer, and the movie seems intolerable: "I don't know how old one needs to be to embrace metaphor and theme over linear plot, but I couldn't do that at eight, nor did I find ancient footage of amorous desire the least bit enticing."

With honed prose and masterful pacing, the essay made me laugh out loud, as well as nod my head in empathy, as Feinstein goes on to describe other movies viewed at the drive-in and exchanges during the movie with his parents.

A gut-splitting summary of a final movie experience punctuates this wonderful essay.

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