Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elizabeth Kadetsky "The Memory Pavilion" Post Road Magazine

Having worked with her at Our Stories workshop and literary journal, and having read her work previously, it was a pleasant surprise to come across Elizabeth Kadetsky's work of nonfiction "The Memory Pavilion" in the always-stellar Post Road Magazine. The piece features the writer reflecting on dreams of a childhood apartment.

"Our building accounted for the largest single demographic of students at the elementary school, and took up a whole block. With the pretension intrinsic to the moment, it had been named The Pavilion."

The narrative centers on the health and declining memory of the writer's mother, who is described as dying a little bit more each day, and who is being taken care of by an older sister. Phone calls and the tension and stress inherent in these kinds of threesomes exude through the narrative's tone as well as through episodes sometimes explained through the prism of yogic concepts.

A densely meaningful, extremely worthwhile read. Check this out.

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