Monday, March 5, 2012

Erin Anderson "A Lesson in Destruction" The Summerset Review

"Of all the masculine ways the military taught me to destroy, it was ironic that my most destructive act would be particularly feminine. I had not expected to kill anybody in the first place, not so soon after the end of the Vietnam War, but at nineteen, I did not yet know what I was capable of doing."

A work of nonfiction, Erin Anderson's "A Lesson in Destruction" appears in The Summerset Review and gives the writer's story after joining the US Army in 1979.

The pace of this narrative is rapid, and episodes are conveyed with moving clarity. The writer's life in basic training and then later in Germany are tangible and vivid. 

Expecting to use her language ability, the writer finds out the reality of life serving during peacetime--until her big mission.

This is a very good read. Check it out.

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