Monday, May 14, 2012

Joeclyn Johnson "The Hasselblad" 2012 Richard Bausch Contest Winner at Our Stories

Winner of the 2012 Richard Bausch Contest at Our Stories, Joeclyn Johnson's "The Hasselblad" tells the story of Jodi, whose camera is described as precious to her as a "mechanical heart." The story begins with Jodi hitchhiking in the rain and being picked up in a Porsche by Renee, a rich girl just moved in from Los Angeles.

Renee is bored, and she takes Jodi (who recalls with nostalgia a woman named Aisha, whom she's trying to find) to dinner. From there, they ride out farther and drink.

At Renee's spacious house, Jodi finds time and space to meditate on loss and anguish.


River Dragon Sky, a new novel

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