Friday, July 27, 2012

Peyton Marshall "The Other Hemisphere" Blackbird

Peyton Marshall's work of nonfiction "The Other Hemisphere," published in Blackbird, tells the story of a brother, Fields, who's changed since nearly dying of cancer and moving to Chile (which, as the narrator tells us, Pablo Neruda said was a country "invented by a poet")--and after Fields' marrying a cute, girly-in-a-way-the-narrator's-never-been way.

The narrator goes to Chile with her mom and dad who, in wonderful lines of conveying all sorts of character, seem older than she would like to remember: "In the months we'd been apart, they'd grown younger in my memory, sliding back through their fifties and into their forties. It bothered me to feet hem now accelerated through time, their thick hair turned to dandelion fluff."

As the wedding and celebrations unfold, the narrator realizes Fields, her older bro, seems to have forgotten what the narrator would like to remember--including a flammable sweater. And the final passages are some of the best anyone can find in a somewhat longer short-narrative.

Great read at a great literary journal.


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