Friday, August 17, 2012

Congratulations to Lyle Roebuck ~ long-listed in Carve Magazine's Raymond Carver Short Story Contest

Congratulations to Lyle Roebuck, whose story "A Prayer of Humble Access" made the long list in the recent Raymond Carver Short Story Contest at Carve Magazine.

As the magazine says, "[long-listed] stories were considered semi-finalists, read and reviewed by the editors. Appearing on this list means the story made it through at least 2 rounds of readings and was a strong contender to be a finalist."

Since we've worked with Lyle in the past here at Our Stories, here's a re-posting of a short Q&A we had with Lyle back in 2010:

Q: At Our Stories, we consider anyone we've ever workshopped a member of Our writing community, and when a writer later succeeds with that piece, well, we'd like to think of that as an indicator that we're doing something right. What did working with OS do for you and your work?

A: Good writing can only be improved through tireless revision and thoughtful editorial feedback; the latter is what Our Stories offers to those who submit. If, as a writer, you are open to considering objective criticism, your fiction will be better for it.

Q: What's next for you and your writing?

A: I'm sitting on a collection of about a dozen stories, plus a novel, all written over the past eight years. In 2011-12 I'm taking a sabbatical from my teaching job to travel and concentrate on writing.

Thanks for being part of our writing community.


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