Monday, August 27, 2012

Mike Heppner _The Man Talking Project_ Another Sky Press

Mike Heppner's collection of novellas, The Man Talking Project, was recently released through Another Sky Press.

In part one, "Talking Man," a worried father preemptively discourages his ten-year-old boy from taking an art teacher's praise on a painting to heart. Meanwhile, the boy's mother makes her own struggle as she rattles away in the kitchen on strange dishes, distracted and perhaps longing for a kind of escape. 

In part two, "Man," a partly fictionalized Mike Heppner earns a two-book deal, which seems to be a reward from countless days at novel writing until, gradually undeceived, he realizes the cold truth of large-scale publishing while, at the same time, his actions in marrying and taking care of an ill wife show deep empathy and humanity.

Part three, "Man Talking," pits a successful, professional writer with a struggling writer. The friendship, quirky and real, doesn't seem to help the novice, who while burning for the hope of writing something worthy and wonderful, loses the ability to sleep.

The final part of this "four-sided fiction" is called "Talking" and gives interview answers to friends and fellow writers who know Mike Heppner. The questions reveal some insight on publishing and writing.

This is a wonderful collection that anyone writing and trying to publish today needs to check out.


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