Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sam Anderson "Junot Díaz Hates Writing Short Stories" The New York Times

Sam Anderson's piece "Junot Díaz Hates Writing Short Stories" appears in The New York Times. Anderson interviews Díaz about writing in general and about his new book of short stories, "This Is How You Lose Her."

What strikes me most is how the interview focuses on Díaz's relative slow speed at which he produces--albeit, at which he produces critically acclaimed works of fiction.

"This receptivity to all the possible sources of inspiration is what makes Díaz's work both so distinctively rich and, it seems to me, so difficult for him to write. It's like trying to distill the ocean down to a glass of water."

Díaz talks about writing, reading, knowing when you're reading to avoid, and other fascinating topics to anyone engaged in creative festivities.

Check it out.


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