Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Two journeys" Washington Post

"This was Chinyere Brown's nagging worry: that the upward trajectory of her own life as a successful African American woman was occurring in a society that in some ways resented it."

Though not in a literary magazine, this article in The Washington Post helped articulate changes that have happened in America after Obama was elected. Having voted absentee from China during that election in '08, when I voted for Obama, I wasn't aware until I returned to Ohio that summer how different things had already become. I was baffled; it was all so vocal and unfair.

Just months after he became President, commonplace vitriol--that Obama was secretly Muslim, "post-American," or not American at all--seemed everywhere . . . on TV, in people's posts, from family members who hadn't used to say racist things, at least around me, with anger visible on their faces.

Has racism in America actually gotten worse?

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