Saturday, September 28, 2013

Justin Nicholes, George Davis, and many others worldwide _The Bay Is Dying_ interactive, multimedia, multiplatform group-authored Internet novel-as-a-game

Who are we? We're a group of people from across the world who decided to work together to create something special, with the ultimate goal of making people really see the impact pollution is having on the planet.

We're musicians, writers, gamers, teachers … and we're also you. Because The Bay Is Dying doesn't work without you. Your interaction with us, with it, brings this interactive, multimedia, multiplatform group-authored Internet novel-as-a game to life. 

Look. It's real simple. We've been witnessing pollution for so long, dealing with spills and leaks and haze for so many years, that most of us don't even notice it anymore. Or, if we do, most of us assume there's nothing we can do. One person can't change the world . . . right?

That's where The Bay Is Dying comes in. Hear me out for a minute. 

First, there's the argument side, one that everyone outwardly agrees with. More than that, though, is an obligation we have to act on this common belief, to do the right thing for ourselves and for future generations and each of us do a small part in protecting the planet.

The other side, though, has to do with the story, with the artfulness of what's unfolds here. The Bay Is Dying is a novel, it's a game—it is a world-wide, creative collaboration, that you, along with us, can make into a movement.


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