Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jeff Muse "Anima" Poecology

Jeff Muse's short story "Anima," which appears in Poecology, launches with a vivid scene of the narrator, a journalist, following around a hunter for a tourism-promoting story of 1200 words in the local paper.

"I suppose that's what haunts me—the way animals act or look as they perish—and I suppose there's a question we all need to ask: do we die a little, too, when something passes?"

Muse's prose is bulletproof clear and poignant. The narrator reflects on his childhood and thoughts of animals and our killing of them, the way they die. This thoughtfulness and theme suits Poecology's mission--to publish poetry and fiction related to ecology and place--and also the work creates art that also shows the process of deep thought.

This is a very well-written work at an essential literary forum.


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Thanks for reading my work, Justin! And sharing your opinion of it. Means a lot.