Monday, October 14, 2013

Laura Story Johnson "Recession: The Great Wall" Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine

Laura Story Johnson's under-250-word "micro-journey" "Recession: The Great Wall" appears in Outside In literary and travel magazine and places us in a less-frequented strip of The Great Wall.

The characters dodge locals who seek to sell bottled water. The characters hide, scurry off, and eventually the writer expresses realization.

Check out this and other stories, micro journeys, and poems at this very cool magazine.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sarah E. Caouette "Chakras of the Throat" The Citron Review

Sarah E. Caouette's flash fiction "Chakras of the Throat" appears in The Citron Review and features a second-person accusation. "You" has been fucking around, especially with Chinese and SE Asian girls.

The voice comes across as pained, an anger that grips and conveys vivid character.

Check this work out at a very worthwhile publication.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

Kevin Tosca "When We All Grow Up" Thin Air Magazine

Kevin Tosca's short short "When We All Grow Up" in Thin Air Magazine is amazing. Contrasts in tone (between the narrative voice and the dialog of two near-adolescents) underscore what seems to be the meaning and purpose of the story, the meaning seeming to be to convey some sense of tragedy of once-hopeful young people who fuck up their lives.

The story achieves unity when its final lines roller-coaster to pitiful, poetic, absolute conclusion.

Check this out.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jeff Muse "Anima" Poecology

Jeff Muse's short story "Anima," which appears in Poecology, launches with a vivid scene of the narrator, a journalist, following around a hunter for a tourism-promoting story of 1200 words in the local paper.

"I suppose that's what haunts me—the way animals act or look as they perish—and I suppose there's a question we all need to ask: do we die a little, too, when something passes?"

Muse's prose is bulletproof clear and poignant. The narrator reflects on his childhood and thoughts of animals and our killing of them, the way they die. This thoughtfulness and theme suits Poecology's mission--to publish poetry and fiction related to ecology and place--and also the work creates art that also shows the process of deep thought.

This is a very well-written work at an essential literary forum.