Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Publishing Intern Rachel C. Lewis is vibrating with contentment.

I stumbled upon Our Stories during a mass internship search this spring. I applied to magazine after magazine, journal after journal, trying to convince myself that, sure, I could be okay with not really doing much meaningful work. I sent off an email to Alexis and continued onward, not expecting a response. After all, how many internship supervisors actually bother to respond? How many internships have I applied for only to (A) never hear back, or (B) have them respond months later? The answer: too many.

But Alexis responded, and in the next week, we had our first phone call. The talk was relaxed; he asked what I was reading in my creative writing classes, what I was writing about, and he had a response when I asked him what his main goal with Our Stories was. As soon as Alexis told me that he was a gender studies minor in college, I knew I’d found the place for me. No more pretending to be okay with working at a misogynistic journal that published 90% old white guys and had me doing work that left me feeling pretty much purposeless.

Alexis sent me an offer and a detailed work plan. I read them over and realized that I really did have the skills to do the job, and to do a good job of it. I told him I really, really wanted the internship, he expressed his own enthusiasm, and, come May, we got to work.

In the past month, I have tripled my knowledge of InDesign, put together a 200+ page literary journal, made design decisions, reached out to friends looking for writing opportunities, and gained access to the Our Stories social media.

And I still have two months left.

Already, I am filling my resume with the details of the work that I have done with Alexis, but the important, cheesy part of this internship is that my heart is full. I love words, and design, and casually chatting about my progress with Alexis. I read the stories as I format them, and I am truly amazed at the quality of work within the journal that, somehow, I PUT TOGETHER.

Long story short? My little creative writer’s soul is vibrating with contentment.

Want to get involved with Our Stories? Submit your work.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Paul Beckman "And God Help You" The Brooklyner

Published in The Brooklyner, Paul Beckman's work of flash "And God Help You" presents a funny dialog, through text and thought, between a boy and the Head Honcho.

Or, at least the boy thinks He's the Boss.

Great little work here.


Justin Nicholes "Quiet: Shaolin Temple" Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine

So excited.

A short short of mine was just accepted in Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine. The piece, entitled "Quiet: Shaolin Temple," concerns a bus ride I and some colleagues took as VIPs to Shaolin Temple. The process of writing was really rewarding in allowing me a new way to reflect on this trip and some (sometimes not-cared-for) conversations.

So happy to appear in this magazine I admire!


Cathy Adams "Sixteen Cans of Pineapple" Portland Review

Cathy Adams' work of flash fiction "Sixteen Cans of Pineapple" appears in the Portland Review. The piece features beautifully vivid dialog and characterization, as well as a hook that is both stunning and touching.

Check it out!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Crowdfunding for --The Bay Is Dying: A Game for Change--


Justin Nicholes is a member of the creative team of this Internet-novel-as-a-game, The Bay Is Dying.

Anyone who funds gets cool stuff, and it'll help us … save the planet? Who knows. It's at least our small part that you, along with us, can take part in.