Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Publishing Intern Rachel C. Lewis is vibrating with contentment.

I stumbled upon Our Stories during a mass internship search this spring. I applied to magazine after magazine, journal after journal, trying to convince myself that, sure, I could be okay with not really doing much meaningful work. I sent off an email to Alexis and continued onward, not expecting a response. After all, how many internship supervisors actually bother to respond? How many internships have I applied for only to (A) never hear back, or (B) have them respond months later? The answer: too many.

But Alexis responded, and in the next week, we had our first phone call. The talk was relaxed; he asked what I was reading in my creative writing classes, what I was writing about, and he had a response when I asked him what his main goal with Our Stories was. As soon as Alexis told me that he was a gender studies minor in college, I knew I’d found the place for me. No more pretending to be okay with working at a misogynistic journal that published 90% old white guys and had me doing work that left me feeling pretty much purposeless.

Alexis sent me an offer and a detailed work plan. I read them over and realized that I really did have the skills to do the job, and to do a good job of it. I told him I really, really wanted the internship, he expressed his own enthusiasm, and, come May, we got to work.

In the past month, I have tripled my knowledge of InDesign, put together a 200+ page literary journal, made design decisions, reached out to friends looking for writing opportunities, and gained access to the Our Stories social media.

And I still have two months left.

Already, I am filling my resume with the details of the work that I have done with Alexis, but the important, cheesy part of this internship is that my heart is full. I love words, and design, and casually chatting about my progress with Alexis. I read the stories as I format them, and I am truly amazed at the quality of work within the journal that, somehow, I PUT TOGETHER.

Long story short? My little creative writer’s soul is vibrating with contentment.

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